December 14, 2023

Minimizing the Impact of Business Failure On Your Children

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Minimizing the Impact of Business Failure On Your Children


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It’s tempting when things go wrong to try to shield children from everything. As parents we want to give them an existence that is untouched by the stress and the pain of our own lives. But the truth is the children are remarkable and if given the chance as well as solid support and good tools, they can show US what resilience means.

This week on Fix, Close, Sell—the Podcast I broke down my approach to navigating the tough stuff with my own 12-yo daughter this year while my $4M business failed. I’m brutally honest and open about my “on the floor with a panic attack” moments, and how much it built our relationship and her own resilience.

I encourage you to consider an approach with nuanced honesty with your children. This is so powerful!

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Your kids will not automatically have a harder life just because your business is struggling!

In 7 minutes on the podcast I tackle:

  • Do stress, financial challenges, and distraction on the part of the parent have to be a negative impact on the kids?
  • My own hilarious story of a panic attack and how I navigated it with my daughter
  • Why honesty is essential, and how to keep from burdening your kids too much

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