I started my first community-centered business at 13.

Currently based in Kansas City, I've lived in Ethiopia and traveled extensively leading social impact companies like ZEM Coffee and helping leaders close the gap between branding and practice in their growing organizations. 

I'm a:
  • Social Impact Strategist concerned with making you money.
  • Serial founder (9x and counting)
  • Massive foodie who's covered artisan beverages for pubs like USA Today, Costco Connections, and Paste, among others (Portfolio)
  • Proud survivor of business success AND failure—part of the toolset I bring to the table.
  • YA Fantasy writer currently finishing The Bottomless Forest
  • Classical pianist who started teaching at age 13.

are you dominating your market?

I'm determined to help you explode your revenue, turn blasé customers into superfans, and architect a remarkable company culture.

Let's create astonishing results!

I've spent my career adding value around the world (pictured here in Cajamarca, Peru and Guji, Sidama).

Orgs that work with me get aligned and GROW—while building an untouchable reputation.