Professional World Builder.

  • Started my first of many businesses at 13. Travelled the world supporting coffee producers in countries like Ethiopia, Peru, & Kenya. Fantasy writer par excellence. Always Quickest to the gate. Best in the world at making the leap!
  • Creator of How to Succeed At Failure™, Happy Accidents™, and Fix, Close, Sell™.
  • Lighting up stages and workshop rooms physical & virtual.
  • Helping business owners get to Point B without the torture.
  • Always doing something new.

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The Power of Happy Accidents™

From penicillin to Post-Its, our world is shaped by Happy Accidents™. Innovation is driven by these moments—I teach teams and individuals how to architect Happy Accidents™.

In our dreams we are always brave. And we are full of wonder.

I believe we have the power to create alternative worlds.

Worlds where profit follows potential. Humans stand up tall in truth. Every limitation becomes a channel to innovation. Magic did not die—it evolved.

Happy Accidents™ are when destiny slaps you in the face and you say. "I'm in!" This incendiary keynote teaches critical skills of Daring, Open Doors, and How to Succeed At Failure—it's practical and inspiring and entertaining as heck!

Revenue growth-driving innovation is born within a setting structured to enhance it. I work with companies to launch projects with limited resources, leading teams & taking point to get new things off the ground & thriving.

It's like talking to the shortcut-maker.

- John wittig, coffee business executive



As the owner of a business in distress, you have a deceptively simple choice ahead of you: Fix, Close, or Sell the business. 

Fix, Close, Sell podcast is the 7-minute dose of white-hot clarity you need to get your head on straight, figure out your options, and map a path forward. 


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